Sunday, 1 September 2013

Aishil Engineering - Exploring Energies of Water with Shivaling Kodule - 307/ADL


  1. Thanks Puneet! Beautiful job. Best wishes to Kodule Sir.

    Nawale B.P. Pune

  2. Dear Puneet,

    I'm your huge fan man !!! Excellent writing !

    I'm not amazed by the accomplishments of Shivaling sir, the magnum opus is yet to come.

    All the best wishes to Shivaling Sir.

  3. Good wishes to dear Shivaling Kodule - 307/ADL,
    Thanks to Puneet for bringing out the contributions of Ajeets to the industry one by one.

  4. It is really encouraging to read, well articulated. I am big fan of Kidule sir, his influence in my courier is tremendous. He is my roll model, coming from same background I really associate and think like him.
    I think the one part you have not covered in his journey is helping his extended family members , be it education or placing them in reputable organization etc. As I know he has groomed more than 6 young generation and all are well settled . I remember he showing New Nokia lumina phone presented by his nephew on his Birthday, he was so proud.
    He is mentor guru to many , I own my achievements to him
    As the saying goes behind every successful person you will find a strong lady, Bhabi was very much rock behind him, sacrificed her personal pleasure and looking after his extended family in small house in the beginning, stood by him and enjoyed his success and was part of it always.
    So much to write about him , he is the man who can make big difference in his surroundings. Brings change in their life
    Let me rest now