Tuesday, 14 January 2014

99 Reasons Why Narendra Modi should be India's Next CEO

So, its the hottest season of power in India as the battle for the most powerful position in the nation is on. The Prime Minister is after all the CEO of the country. A very important element of the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections is that it is the most tracked political event in our history. The country has never taken as much interest in politics as it has taken now. A significant credit for arsing of this interest goes to the Aam Aadmi Party, which has rocked Indian politics and broken all myths and beliefs about Indian politics. Another major reason is the huge debate that the nation has been indulging in on who will be chosen by the UPA as their Prime Ministerial candidate. While we have a 99% guarantee that it will be Mr Rahul Gandhi, the 1% gap gives enough room for speculation. Yet another reason is of course the rise of Mr Narendra Modi as a national personality over the years and his appeal to the all sections of the economy and thereby, his nomination to the PM candidature from the BJP.

Before I begin penning nearly a hundred reasons why Narendra Modi should be India's PM, I declare that I am not affiliated to any political party. These views are about a person by a person. Tomorrow, if I am able to compile a hundred reasons why Rahul Gandhi should become the PM, be sure that I will be posting that as well. But now, lets get started with Narendra Modi.
  1. He is India's most loved and loathed politician, according to The Time.
  2. He has been recognized as an outstanding contributor to business, e-governance and citizen initiatives, education, urban development, etc; something that other applicants to the PM's post have not even been nominated for.
  3. When Jim O'Neill (Chairman, Goldman Sachs) says, "He's good on economics, and that's one of the things India desperately needs in a leader.", you can't agree more.
  4. He will actually work as the CEO and do what the PM is supposed to do.
  5. His plan is to empower people rather than make them dependent on the Government for subsidies.
  6. Life in Gujarat is quite different. People lead a self sufficient life as there are opportunities to earn and live well. This concept is more powerful than a life where we become slaves to the doles of politics.
  7. He doesn't have a wife or child and thus, his energies are always focused towards his work. We need a workaholic PM. There is so much pending there.
  8. If he doesn't become the PM, he may continue being CM of Gujarat for ages. In other words, if he becomes the PM, Gujarat will get a new CM too.
  9. America will have to work with him. There is no other go. India will be managed from Delhi. Interestingly, some claim that he has done a course on Public Relations from the US.
  10. In the most probability, the rate at which India is being sold to the world will come down. I mean, FDI. We have already sold significant stakes in our companies to foreign companies. Its time to concentrate on selling products and service, not ownership. Modi has expertise in using FDI to state's benefit, not to sell off the state.
  11. In the most probability, the rate at which PSU units are being divested will come down, keeping the Government treasury intact.
  12. We will see more press conferences and speeches, thereby ensuring we don't refer to wikipedia each time to find out who is the current PM.
  13. His words and actions are the most microscopically dissected ones and thus, in the process, he has become a better decision maker.
  14. He is a fan of Swami Vivekananda, who emulates discipline and determination.
  15. He has the experience of running a system and a track record of making things happen.
  16. When he is in power, the other applicants to the position can re-think on their strategy, re-work, re-learn and then, may be in LS 2019, come out powerfully. It will give time for inexperienced aspirants to gain experience.
  17. We will actually get to know whether he is communal or not.
  18. We will actually get to know whether Gujarat story can be worked at India level.
  19. He is globally recognized for rebuilding Bhuj after the earthquake. No other leader in India has been able to rebuild a city at such scale.
  20. There will be no 'if's if he comes to power. We will be done and dusted. Else, we'll keep saying, "If he had become PM, then...."
  21. He speaks more about what he did than about what he will do. That gives a great cushion for the people who think about performance before electing their leader. After all, promises are mostly broken.
  22. There are many things that he doesn't have to prove, they are already proven.
  23. Solar energy will perhaps get a new definition in a power deficit nation like ours.
  24. The milk and food industry could get more attention.
  25. Milk prices could come down if Gujarat model is employed pan India.
  26. He is a no nautanki (non-sense) guy who believes in facts more than a theory of speculated opinions.
  27. India seriously needs a fresh breathe of air. Be it for good or bad. We just need something really new.
  28. And wow, the stock markets rallied after Modi was announced the PM candidate. That's what the newspapers say.
  29. I absolutely agree with him when he says that India needs present the true history of India's freedom struggle rather than focusing on select few, and take political mileage from scripting text books in that manner.
  30. He is passionate of his dreams for a better state or a better nation, making him focused on delivery without excuses.
  31. All these years, I have been listening, "We will return to double digit growth in the next 2-3 years" and it has been 10-12 years already.
  32. I love the theory of coins and notes of small denominations and cancellation of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes as a very practical way to fight some corruption rather than giving speeches on it.
  33. Because Chetan Bhagat wants him to be the PM.
  34. By very many numbers, Gujarat contributes to India on several parameters extraordinarily significantly.
  35. Gujarat is not just a tourism destination but a medical tourism destination too.
  36. Governance by Management and Administration by Objectives - that's Modi's mantra. Wait, that's exactly what Lee Kuan Yew adopted to build Singapore.
  37. Gujjus, after all, are better businessmen.
  38. Because he doesn't believe in burning fuel when results can be achieved by teleconferencing.
  39. He's not the best but of the available lot, he seems better, for he knows what he is, he understands his strengths and more importantly, his limitations.
  40. Even Mr LK Advani gave up his long cherished dream to become the PM, either by choice or left with no other choice, in order to encourage Modi.
  41. Because he can shut up Mr Arnab Goswami and the likes by beating them in their own games.
  42. He has worked on the project of connecting rivers. A pan India river connection will empower India like nothing else.
  43. He doesn't belong to the "Party Badal Liya Pandurangi" list.
  44. Finally, the media might start focusing on the other side of the story for a lot of debates that involve his name.
  45. Modi's Janata Darbars go on, without the associated hype or attention. In case of stampede or other 
  46. The energy at Modi's rallies is awespiring.
  47. problems, the CM is supposed to stay till things settle and not leave the place.
  48. Each time he was put down, he has bounced stronger.
  49. Maut ka Saudagar? Oh yeah, we need him to deal with those guys trying to barge into Kashmir or threaten us with bombs. They ought to run away.
  50. We wouldn't see him wearing nasty clothes to show his common man image or poverty. He has his own sense of dressing. Plus, may I add, fashion.
  51. There's a phone on his name - NaMo phone. Unique for any politician.
  52. Modi's Rambo Act after the Uttarakhand floods, whatever it was, was some serious effort, more worthy than speeches and talks about help.
  53. He is the 7th most admired person in the world according a poll by YouGov for The Times. Of course, Congress MP Sachin Tendulkar beats him in this race.
  54. I seriously want the rupee to appreciate against the dollar and Modi's dream to empower economy and an extended dream to get US citizens line up to come to India is in the same spirit. Things have been right opposite in the last many years.
  55. Modi frequently demanded the execution of Afzal Guru.
  56. A lot of leaders do variety of stunts to prove they are a Common Man. He doesn't have to do that.
  57. Because Kiran Bedi wants him to be the PM.
  58. Women in Gujarat are safer than women in Delhi (and many other locations)
  59. All the gifts that he receives in the capacity of a CM and a large number of those he has received in personal capacity have been deposited by him with the State Treasury.
  60. India should not be used to experiment by others, especially the new leaders. We have already been experimented enough. We need someone with proven capabilities to lead us. Not day dreamers.
  61. He has been repeatedly declared the Best CM by numerous magazines, surveys, etc.
  62. Even Kumar Vishwas has sung his praises on Modi, until recently when he joined AAP.
  63. Modi is said to have volunteered his services during Indo-Pak war of 1965 at the age of 15 years. What excites an Indian more than Indian Army? Perhaps the only dependable asset that India has at the moment.
  64. I really love the quote "Modi Lao, Desh Bachao". No other punchline has been as effective as this. Its very relevant too.
  65. People calling him dictator excite me even more. In fact, I once wrote that Indian Army should take over the administration of this nation for 5-10 years. There are a lot of systems to be set.
  66. Getting him to power will really make the world believe that the nation is not led by a family, at least for some time.
  67. The Sabarmati riverfront makes me go crazy. I want all our rivers to have such riverfront. 
  68. Modi is known to do surprise visits to Government offices, police stations and schools. When the head of the state can come unannounced, it keeps you on your toes to work efficiently than in other cases where announced entries mean a lot of time wasted in arrangements to show things that may not be true.
  69. I read that Vajpayee is the only non-Congress Prime Minister of India to serve a full term. Records must be broken.
  70. Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley will play a big role in governance if Modi becomes the PM. Both are absolutely no-nonsense, straight forward and sharp people. The BJP leaders at national level are really interesting and make a strong case for the LS polls.
  71. The CM Fellowship program is one initiative that has turned around Modi's life. I am also aware of a similar PM Fellowship initiative. With Modi at helm, this initiative will find its true meaning.
  72. A life with dignity inspires me more than a life which is going to be dependent on schemes and subsidies.
  73. I want my ministers to live as they want, earn as much as they want through the right means and paying taxes, take required comforts and thus, ensure that they engage themselves in working on policies for better nation. Somehow, leaders who claim they won't take houses, vehicles, etc. don't inspire me as their delivery too will be on same levels.
  74. Ahmedabad's excellent bus rapid-transit system is a case study across the world.
  75. He has spent some years of his life as a Sanyasi (saint) in Himalayas. Interesting. Generally, such things make a persons selfless. Selfless people are more effective at working for others.
  76. By the way, he knows and speaks more quotations of Mahatma Gandhi than any other aspirant to the position.
  77. I recently became a fan of Ms Meenakshi Lekhi, after the Arnab Goswani incident. Until then, I was a fan of Arnab Goswami.
  78. Coal, Bofors, CWG, Fodder, 2G - I want them all, but not the attached scam. How can Government files go missing? Even if they did, there must be a hundred photocopies of those papers considering each person/department through which they pass takes a photocopy of all the papers they sign/attest.
  79. By the word 'Development', India means Modi. To me personally, as I do not stay in Gujarat, when I think about the best development initiatives, the 'Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan' and 'Golden Quadrilateral' strike my mind. I guess, both were started in Vajpayee times. After that, I have not seen anything really significant.
  80. Politics is a different ballgame. Managing a state or nation is a different ballgame. It scares me when people working in IT, banks, and other establishments take to politics and suddenly, try to jump the line and become ministers. Take time. Have patience. Learn. Your time will come.
  81. The CBI really needs to grow its teeth.
  82. Subramanian Swamy will be heard more.
  83. Modi also makes you smile with some jokes in his speech. He knows the audience and doesn't need to refer the script or run away leaving questions unanswered.
  84. As I write this, LPG prices have gone up Rs 220. Maar Dalo. This LPG, Aadhar, Subsidy love triangle has ruined my life.
  85. Now, even Yeddyurappa wants him to be the PM. BTW, God knows how, but HC has quashed the FIR against Yeddy and called the law indicting him as a bad law.
  86. I don't know what is his stand on dividing state but I really hate the idea of divide and rule; it leads to unnecessary burden on the exchequer. In the last 10 years, I guess, we have created some 6-7 extra states? Not sure.
  87. What happened to the Lokpal Bill for which India fought so much? It was passed? Yes. No major news after that. It was supposed to revive the nation. This one really needs to deliver its purpose.
  88. The Time says "Modi Means Business".
  89. Modi was given a clean chit by the SC recently. 12 years is quite some time.
  90. UK started working with him since 2012 and the EU ended its boycott in 2013. On one hand, he could have achieved greater miracles if he would have the opportunity to do business with them (nearly 10 years ban) and on the other hand, the EU seems to have missed him.
  91. Modi is a healthy guy. Health is Wealth.
  92. We need food. Good Quality Food. Agriculture produce has to go up. Modi has consistent success in this field.
  93. Skill development will play a great role in the coming years as India gets educated. Already, we see a great difficulty in finding skilled people like electricians, plumbers, technicians, etc. Modi has experience in running this segment as well.
  94. He has a plan in place. I'd rather go with it. It makes sense.
  95. BTW, it must be noticed that Modi has demolished 120 Hindu Shrines for some infrastructure related work in Gujarat. Communal?
  96. Despite resigning on demand in 2002, he was voted back to power, back to back, in all subsequent elections. In Gujarat at least, he is a clean and clear choice.
  97. Arey Kashmir hamara hai bhai. Its an integral part of India. India. India is our nation. For those who didn't know.
  98. I want to stop listening to NDTV's "Big Blow to Modi"
  99. Aisa Mauka Phir Na Milega... Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara !!!
Lastly, do we really need a reason? Do we have any other serious choice? Lets take it like this. We are all shareholders in the company called India and we got to appoint the CEO for our company. Now, take a look at the applicants. Hope that helps.

Scrap all those 99 reasons and go with what your heart says. If you think he can, help him. If you think he can't, find out someone better and help him.

In any case, ensure that you make a choice that you are ready to live with for the next 5 years. Good Luck !!!


  1. @Puneeth.. Kudos!! you are the man.. Awesome analysis abt NaMo.. Enjoyed every single word of your blog

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    Excellent Analysis
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    Awesome round up about NaMo..
    GOOD DAY Puneet Kumar !! :)

  3. Great job Puneeth. I think we need print these points as pamphlets & distribute.

  4. Well written article, Puneet. You are getting better day-by-day at art of writing.

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