Wednesday, 5 March 2014

And all of a sudden, Sahara (Subroto Roy) becomes a villian

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The recent incidents in the life of Mr Subroto Roy have been baffling. From being one of the most respected businessman who has a strong network of people working for him, to being summoned by the Supreme Court and being sent to the Tihar jail, everything is confusing. It is the same Sahara group, which has sponsored the Indian cricket team for ages. Why didn't anybody raise questions over the group's business or about its money back then? How did the BCCI accept the Sahara group as the National Cricket Team's sponsor without verifying the details about the Sahara group? For sure, there are irregularities when you go by law, but then, are we battling egos?

Awards (source: wikipedia)

  • Honorary doctorate in business leadership from the University of East London (2013).[29]
  • Business Icon of the Year award at the Powerbrands Hall of Fame Awards in London in 2011.[30] 
  • ITA – TV Icon of the Year 2007. 
  • Global Leadership Award in 2004. 
  • Businessmen of the Year Award in 2002
  • Best Industrialist Award in 2002
  • Vishisht Rashtriya Udaan Samman (2010) by a daily from India’s top most publication house
  • Vocational Award for Excellence (2010) by Rotary International
  • Karmaveer Samman (1995)
  • Udyam Shree (1994)
  • Baba-E-Rozgar Award (1992)
  • National Citizen Award in 2001
  • Academy Award in the Indian Television Academy Awards for his contribution to Indian television
  • Honorary degree of D. Litt. by Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Darbhanga
  • Featured regularly in the India Today (India’s leading magazine) list of 50 Most Powerful People of India, since 2003.
  • 10 most influential businessmen in India by the news magazine India Today in 2012
  • In 2004, the company he founded was termed by Time magazine as "the second largest employer in India" after Indian Railways.
So, when all these awards were being given, did the jury close their eyes? Here's a bit of what the Subroto Roy's life looked like before pronouncing this debacle.

Now, who do we blame? For what? Should we even blame? What shocks me is the fact that our courts couldn't summon people who have used banks to their benefit, taken loans in crores, requested write offs and continued enjoying their lives. Why are the courts silent on other promoters/businessmen who have been listed as defaulters? There is nothing wrong in what the courts are doing with Subroto Roy, if that is in the books of law, but are they referring to the same book when it comes to the Mallyas, the Mittals, and others who have done something similar. There are no answers.


  1. what is the point to subvert the merits of a specific case for which he is troubled and bring in all random things like how he lived in the past, about which many care a zilch?

  2. I don't understand the need to do a compliance review again, in case of already covered units? It puts out a clear picture that now EPFO is also acting on behalf of high handed officials.