Sunday, 19 October 2014

This Diwali, just make it a #GharWaliDiwali

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Deepawali is undoubtedly one of the most favorite festivals that we all celebrate. Holi too. Who doesn't like colours and lights. Sometimes, I wish, Deepawali and Holi should be celebrated on the same day. For a long time, nearly 10 years, I stayed away from mt parents and hence, missed the festival. It is one fantastic moment when the whole family comes together, leaving all their egos and cat fights away, and hug one another, smile and wish that their lives be fulfilled with light.

One of the most memorable experiences that I have is the Deepawali Special Trading hours. The stock market opens in the evening for about an hour or so and this period is considered very auspicious to buy stocks. Thats why the name Muhurat Trading. It also marks the beginning of a new year according to the Samvat calendar. I really enjoy that one hour of trading. Its a pleasure to watch.

#GharWaliDiwali is a splendid experience, especially considering the delicious food that my mother prepares. There are some sweets that are specially prepared for the festival. Apart from them, there is kheer, which is one of my favorite delicacies. When eaten with pooris, it makes a wonderful combination.

Not to forget, Diwali is a extreme shopping season. Not only people are curious to buy everything during this time, because it is counsidered auspicious, but the shopkeepers also provide exciting deals and offers to further stimulate the desire to shop. Statitics prove that we see highest volumes of gold sales, vehicle sales, gold sales, clothes sales, etc in this season. Flipkart sold Rs 600 Crores worth goods in 10 hours in its run up to Diwali. This is also that time of the year when I get to shop along with my family. It is an amazing experience to go out with everyone and buy stuff that we need.

Diwali also means crackers. This is a festival that celebrates the homecoming of Lord Rama. It marks the destruction of the evil and the return of the good. Though I may be absolutely wrong, I find it a bit weird when a whole set of NGOs, celebrities and others coming together asking everyone to not burst crackers in the name of air pollution and noise pollution. Noise, yes, I can understand. But it should be okay until, say, at least, 8 PM? Air, I don't know how much an evening's crackers would add to the pollution compared to a days's vehicle pollution, or say, cigarette pollution. I think, we should be happy about the way we celebrate our festivals. May be, take public transport for 2-3 days to compensate. So, this Diwali, go on, have fun.

There is no Diwali like #GharWaliDiwali. Go Home. Celebrate. Live the moment !!!

Everything else can wait. Carry some Pepsi, and Kurkure, too :) Everyone loves them

Happy Diwali !!!

Duvayein, Badhaiyan, Mithaiyan, Khushiyan
Iss Tyohar ki Hai Kayi Saari Khoobiyan
Aao Manaye Milkar yeh Deepoan ka Tyohar
Rab Sabko De Sukh, Samruddhi aur Dher Saara Pyaar

Shubh Deepawali

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