Thursday, 18 December 2014

Get the best out of a vacation #TeddyTravelogues

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Vacations were the most awaited days of my life when I was a kid. Unsurprisingly, even today. After all, who doesn't like some break from the routine? I studied in a residential school, where sporting activities, adventure events, games, etc. were a part of the routine. So, for me, vacation was more about spending time with parents, other friends and relatives. It would also involve some travel.

If I get an opportunity to take some kids on vacation, I would take them through different experiences. Overall development of children happens when they are exposed to different fields and get to learn more about life. I would encourage them to use this time to focus on their hobbies. Drawing, painting, stamp collection, poem writing, etc, make a child creative. Physical activities would be another area of focus. Kids love to play. I would encourage them to go out and play rather than sit with the TV or computer games. Learning music, dance, swimming, among others, adds significantly to their personality.

Kids love to spend time with elder people as they get pampered. Planning a small trip or a few days at their native places, more of it is a village, will be a great experience. The green fields, cattle, fresh milk and food, clean environment, peace and tranquility is bound to create a meaningful experience and awaken their souls to beauty of the nature.

No vacation is complete without a visit to a theme park or a nice hangout place. It could be the Essel world, Wonder la, Ramoji Film City, Innovative Film City, etc. Places like these make kids very excited and happy. In the hindsight, they also see how these wonderful places have been built. They are inspired.

A visit to a religious place and a places of historical importance will definitely be on my list. I feel that these have a great impact on the children in the long run. Kids do a lot of interesting things at temples. They learn that there is always someone who they can look up to for help, support and solutions. Spirituality makes a person humble as people get to know that they are not the ultimatum in the world. Historical places add great value to learning. Moreover, these places are also covered in their classes and visiting them in person is a great experience.

Another important task I would plan in a vacation is nothing. Yes, nothing. Being able to do nothing is a task in itself as life demands everyone to do something all through the day. I would encourage them to take a full time break from everything, spend some time lazing around, keep the mind blank, relax fully, and only do such things that they love to do from the core of their hearts. It could be anything including eating, sleeping, watching TV, singing, playing or whatever. Being able to spend time the way one wants is a great booster to life. It helps to rejuvenate and get ready for life after vacation with great zeal and energy.

The winter and summer breaks also come with festivals and kids love to celebrate festivals. So, it is important to ensure that we celebrate them along with the kids. We must take time off and celebrate joyfully.

Thus, I would balance the vacation time in a way that the kids get to do what they want as well as they do what they are supposed to do. With these few initiatives, I feel that kids will be able to make the best out of their holidays.

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