Sunday, 15 February 2015

My ideal valentine #UnconditionalLove with the Zenfone

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Its that time of the year when we all sit down to think about the most important part of human life, love. We try our best to connect with the loved ones, especially that one person who is your valentine. The definition of a valentine is quite broad but in the practical world, we use this word to refer to that one most important person in your life.

Capturing the best moments of life

Life becomes beautiful with memories, and memories are captured with images. You never know when life surprises you. It isn't possible for us to carry a camera with us all the time to capture memories. The best alternative is to have a wonderful camera fitted in to your phone. The Asus Zenfone comes with a Pixel Master camera with auto focus, making it a superior bet. It helps in capturing those moments that will be treasured forever, with great resolution and sharpness. Further, the full HD video recording is an icing on the cake. It will be my best valentine, considering I love taking photos and recording moments.

I love things that look beautiful

The Zenfone's aesthetic design is something that I am in love with. Though simple, the phone's texture, structure, and the overall look is greatly done. When I hold it in my hand, I feel like I should hold it on forever. That's exactly what you feel when you hold your valentine in your hands. It is well built, edged appropriately, and the concentric design finish at the bottom is awesome. Further, the case colors that come with the Zenfone are so vibrant that one can easily fall in love with them. It is also possible to have a new color on your phone with the replaceable back covers, making you feel fresh about what you hold in your hands, at almost all the time of the day.

The touch and the feel

Another reason I would like to have the Zenfone as my valentine is because it offers a great touch experience. Touch sensitivity is perhaps the best and most important aspect of a smartphone, just like how understanding is the most important aspect of a relationship. When your valentine understands exactly what you communicate, there is nothing like it. When you have a valentine who is so responsive, life becomes easier and more interesting.

Long term sustainability is the key

When you are certain that your valentine is here for the long run, you become more confident. The long life battery of the Asus Zenfone is such a value addition. Considering it has a low power consumption and a very efficient internal design, it great enhanced battery life and I don't have to worry about looking for a charger at all the times. Having a charged up valentine all day is such a wonderful experience. These days we like to stay connected to the internet all day, either through wifi or mobile networks, and battery life becomes all the most important of the phone.

Being open is the key to having a close relationship

There shouldn't be any hide and seek within a relationship. Everything should open, clean and clear. It helps in getting closer, as inhibitions are shed. It adds immense value when all parties to a relationship are in a position to contribute to it. The open source android software is a live example of how contribution from multiple parties can create a great platform. Being able to access such a platform on the Zenfone is great. There are plenty of options to explore, experiment and experience.

In the end, I would love to have a Zenfone as my valentine this valentine's day. It makes a perfect partner that adds great value to life, making it better in several ways. After all, that's exactly what valentines do.

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