Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Education helps you to #StartANewLife

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Long ago, when I was in the school, I was one among the naughty and notorious lot. I was in the group, or call it gang, of students who were focused more over playing sports and having fun than studies. Books or classes hardly interested us. I played football, hockey, cricket and also participated in several athletic events. Things kept going well until one day the marks card showed horrible numbers. I, along with my friends, received bashing from all corners and were literally mocked over how we had dealt with life with so much ease. We were just about to complete schooling then and we didn't have an idea of what to do next. We neither had impressive scorecards nor so much achievement in sports that we would be admitted to good college based on those credentials. Soon, we all were headed in different directions.

It was then that I decided to start a new life. I went through one of the longest introspection of my life and arrived at the conclusion that education will help me #startanewlife. When I looked at people around me, I realized that most of them were successful and progressing in life because of their efforts in the college and professional courses. Of course, that was not the only reason for everyone. I came across many people who succeeded without formal education too. However, in the current era of knowledge, education was definitely the key.

So, I started taking great interest in studies. However, I also ensured that I keep up some focus on sports and other activities too. It was a really difficult thing to begin with. I, for one, had never gone so deep into the books. I had mostly managed my exams by reading a day or two before and the reference was only last 4-5 years of question bank and answers. Soon, I realized that professional education wasn’t going to be so easy. There was a need to build my body of knowledge. So, I burnt the midnight oil, worked really hard and thus, was determined to keep up this focus for all the years in college. The new life motivated me a lot and soon, I had a lot of friends coming up to me for discussions, clarifications and other study related activities. It was a very good feeling.

I continued on the same path and in a couple of years, I had my name sealed in the list of academic toppers. I ended up with a gold medal from the University for Academic Excellence. It was incredible for me to believe that I achieved such a distinction in my life.

Take those bold steps, make those moves, and just #StartANewLife…

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