Sunday, 22 March 2015

The small and simple aspects of happiness

Exclusively written for Coca-Cola International Day of Happiness

Happiness is perhaps the most hunted aspect of life. Everyone in the world wants to be happy, and wants their near and dear ones also to be happy. Happiness, for me, is to see the smile on faces of people around me. It makes me feel really wonderful when I can be the cause for that smile. Most time, however, it doesn’t become possible. A large number of things aren’t in our control and depend on several external factors.

If I were to list down all those things that make me happy, they appear to be very simplistic. However, I bet, these are the ones that are the most complex ones. Someone has rightly said, “It is more complex to make things simple”. Often, I am reminded of the story of the princess who had turned sad in her life. The king employed every method to make her happy. He got her a house, several friends, several pets, lot of jewellery and so on. When everything failed, he sent a word across the world that whoever makes her smile will win a reward. Many experts came in and tried their best to make her smile, which didn’t happen. Finally, one ordinary guy steps in with a big stomach and as he walks, his stomach falls apart, and ‘Phoolkumari’, the princess, bursts into laughter. It is such a small thing if you look at it this way that he had a pillow over his abdomen to appear bulky, and he makes it fall, as if to appear that his stomach has fallen apart. Yet, it was enough to get back the smile on the princess’ face. 

Many a times, it is these small things that bring us happiness, and the funny aspect of life is that these small things are difficult to find, especially considering the material progress the world is making. We hardly have access to chirping birds, peaceful atmosphere, greenery, devotional experiences, etc., that add those small bits of happiness to us. Our happiness is linked to buying best gadgets, which become out-dated in a few days; building relationships with best people, who change colours with time; seeking perfection, which never happens as there is always scope for improvement; and so on. So, each time, our aspirations get larger, and each time, it only becomes more difficult to attain happiness. While aspirations and dreams are must in life, we must learn to derive happiness from small things in life. There is happiness in everything around us, if we look it in the right way. We must learn to add value, instead of deriving value, and this is perhaps how I look at happiness. Our deeds brings us more happiness that our derivatives.

“Little deeds of kindness, little words of love, Make our earth an Eden like the heaven above.”

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