Sunday, 7 August 2016

Calling it a day - the last post

Its been a long journey writing my heart out on blogger for over 7 years now. When I started, I did dream that this blog will have millions of readers and focused a lot of attention to make that happen. For a fact in life, many dreams end up as dreams. As some self appreciation, I wouldn't mind patting my own back for getting over 2 lakh page views on this blog. It could have been 3 lakh if I hadn't done the foolish thing of deleting the blog and restarting it about 3 years ago.

With the whole world blogging, there are more writers than readers these days. Moreover, blogging is slowly becoming a thing of past as there is so much instant content generated on each topic by professionals themselves that amateurs hardly find a mention. Without much ado, I thank everyone who has been a part of this journey.

This is definitely not an end of the blogging journey, but a pause to reflect where things are heading and perhaps, start afresh with something meaningful, something more appealing than just one blog where that I run like a scrapbook. So much scrap around, life hasn't been messier before, and its some time to clean up, reduce responsibilities of all sorts, lower confrontations, minimize expectations, kill some dreams, and spend more time breathing clean air and drinking fresh water, something I haven't done for quite some time now.


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  1. Am sad that you thought of saying Alvida. It is okay if this is going to be a transitory one. I am one of those who ve subscribed to ur blog and who earnestly follow ur each blog.coz of the time constraints may be, but I always loved reading ur thoughts. Pls take some time off and do start sharing ur thoughts. Al the best in life. :)