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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Getting younger with each passing moment...

It has been observed by a large number of people that I have undergone some change in the way I look. I was just wondering what it was. And today, I just happened to look across some photographs of past. And I must say, yes, there is quite some change happening. Lets analyse

This was a shot taken at Sanjeevini Gardens somewhere in February 2008

This is in March 2008 while on the way to Bhopal for my SSB interview

This one is at the SSB interview at Bhopal. Hmmm... One of the ugliest shot

This is at J G College, sometime in April 2008

This one was taken at J G College almost towards the end of my BCom. This seems like a bookie sitting between 2 betting teams

This is the last day at J G College and can perhaps be called as a beginning of a change, a change that I have been longing to get. A change that I was aspiring to turn around my life. I wanted to break out of the shuckles and make a lot of effort towards life

This is one of the earliest outing at Bengaluru. This one was taken at Lalbagh. And in this too, I look the same old uncle type

And this picture, perhaps, is the one, which entirely tells a different story. It was after 2 and a half months of living at Bengaluru and getting heavily busy with life and life's activities. Work had become the primary motto and nothing else except it comes to mind

Hmmm... Some cutiepie looks start peeping in. It was this day during book review competition that I got a comment that I am growing younger with each passing moment. Even I could experience that. A lot of positive energy had started to flow in and I had given up laziness. I was also termed as a machine for the way I approached life and work

And this, finally, is at the last day celebrations. It was a true transformation that I have undergone in there 3 and half or 4 months period. From July 7 to October 24 2008, days have been adding a lot of value to my personality in every angle. I am glad that these days came in my life at the right time when I was in need of them. A positive moulding has happened. A man grows with experience as his way of seeing the world broadens and the broader perspective helps him to move on in the right paths

Well, changes keep happening in life. And I am very glad to find these changes in my life. The problem that used to face in Hubli was that I could never put my thoughts into action. However, this new place gave an opportunity for that. And more importantly, getting support from the faculty who are encouraging was a the biggest boost to my morale. I was very happy and comfortable as I could be with like minded people who have the same objective of moving up life without worrying about anything silly and wasting time around. The greatest disadvantage of staying in Hubli was the narrow minded approaches that restricted my life and I could never open up to make my dreams come true. To put it in the simplest way, people here laugh and make fun of you when you say that you want to do MBA from IIM. In fact, living here, we cant even dare to think about it. The hindrance is so high. But today, with everything that has been happening and with all kinds of people I have been seeing, my hands are streching beyond them and these dreams have no boundaries

As I always keep singing the Nescafe Open Up song which goes this way

You can be rich, with no money to spend.
You can do everything, when you understand.
You can be mother, when your are man.
Open up, you know that you can.

Open you eyes,
open your mind,
open your thoughts.
Don't stay behind.

Open up, open up,
open up, open up,
(nescafe)open up, open up,
open up, open up.

The key is inside you, to open your mind.
You know what is out there, your heartcan't be blind.
Open your eyes and open your mind.
Open your thoughts, don't stay behind.

Open you eyes,
open your mind,
open your thoughts.
Don't stay behind.

Open up, open up,
open up, open up,
(nescafe)open up, open up,
open up, open up.

You raise all the borders, and start in your head.
Open your mind, to thoughts ?
Open your eyes and open your mind.
Open your thoughts and don't stay behind.

Open you eyes,
open your mind,
open your thoughts.
Don't stay behind.

Open up, open up,
open up, open up,
(nescafe)open up, open up,
open up, open up.

Open up, open up,
open up, open up,
(nescafe)open up, open up,
open up, open up.
Open up, open up,
open up, open up,
open up, open up,
And after a big gap of over 3 years, the time has come that I have opened up with the great support of a great environment. Even after knowing the importance of this and after efforts too, I could never do that. It had been the biggest hindrance for me. And now, I believe, I have broken open and things are going better

I welcome Globalization into my life

Monday, 4 August 2008

Whats new... Down Town Pub...

Nothing much. Its all the same life from a long time. The new month has begun and thats the only change in life. Instead of July, we are going to write August :-)

This week, I have been meeting a large number of people

I met Mr Arun Mannapur, our school senior and the son of our beloved Mannapur sir (National Award for The Best Teacher). He is working in Mindtree Consulting and also has a network marketing business

I met Mr Vinay, a TCS employee, in regards to LIC and mutual funds. He showed some interest in mutual funds

I met Mr Pavanraj, my senior at JGCC, who is working at Accenture BPO. I was meeting him after a long time and we rejoiced it

Bengaluru being the city of opportunities, a large volume of people keep flying in here. My schoolmates, Veeresh Kamat and Kiran Bendigiri had also come here and I met them. Even Santosh Pujari was with us. It was a good time

And the biggest one being the pending meet of Ajeets of last week. I called up everyone and arranged the meet. We had decided to meet at The Forum Mall. However, it was later changed to Brigade Road. 5 pm on Sunday, the 3rd of August 2008 was the time given for the meet. Veeresh Biradar, Kishore Honnur, Sanotsh Pujari, Rajendra Kalgudi, Gurushant Golgerimath, Abhaykumar Roy joined me at The Garuda Mall. We even had Sangangouda Patil, our senior, who joined us alongwith 2 more new friends. And then, after a small chat, Kishore initiated everyone to go for some extraordinary adventure. And before I could refuse, everyone had taken the step for that. I and Sangan were to odd men out. But then, we walked along with them, though, did not join them in the party. We sat like innocent children and watched them :-)

Well, after all this, we were again back to the Mall and spent some time there. We wanted to have dinner but the time did not permit us

Soon, everyone departed. And me, after saying bye to all, went to the bus stand where, as usual, things were a little dark in the dark. There was no bus. I walked all the way for about 4 kms to Shivajinagar. And then, luckily, got a direct bus to Jayanagar. And luckily, my bus pass was still valid :-)

I reached the room by 11.11 pm and realised that I have a very important deal tomorrow. I had to set some thing for that. However, my tiredness did not allow me to do it. I set the alarm at 5 am and went asleep. But then, alarm is after all, under our control, which when rung, can be put off and a person can continue sleeping :-)

That was all the activity of the week. One more very important thing is that the LIC business has begun. I was able to login 2 policies this week. And thats all I can cheer about. However, a lot is yet to come

And yeah, the BCom results too have been announced. I have managed an overall aggregate of 91.42%. Thank you God

Saturday, 7 June 2008

The exams saga...

Well, I am almost on the verge of giving them an end... The exams... They will soon become a matter of past. These have the most boring times of my life. With nothing learnt and almost zero knowledge, we just sit and by heart the books that are just about 50 pages big (usually, it takes 6-8 hours to by heart these books) and vomit it in the exams. I remember our beloved sir at Sainik School, Bijapur- Ramrao sir, calling it as IdliVada grinder. Honestly, even at this age, when all these students (of course, including me to some extent) are supposed to seriously learn, understand and get into the deeper matters and look for adding value and knowledge to life, none is much bothered about anything except the scores. Who is going to ask you how knowledgeable you are? I believe, none. Because, the marksheets act as the mirror reflection of your knowledge. A person scoring 90%, if doesn't answer a question, is always excused saying he is very busy and involved in lot of academic hecticness and might have just got a little confusion because of which he did not answer. However, if a person who has got 50% or 60% does not answer a question, a definite big issue is made and it is said that he is good for nothing. Even if he answers the questions asked, people might still call it luck rather than knowledge. Because, all we know is knowledge is what the University printer prints on the marks card

Now, let me have a quick review at the exams and my performance in them

Exams are like a 3 hours imprisonment forcing us to write against our wishes where even the dullest boy also tries to show that he is intelligent. And the intelligent boy always cries to show that he is dull and did not do well in the exam. Seriously... You can observe that. After each exam, only the dullurts are seen smiling. All the intels are with a frown face

Well, the first day, I was put in the jail to write my Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) paper. All these exams are for 80 marks. Its a special subject in our college exclusively. They call the vocational program. We are about 30 of us into this stream learning 2 special subjects called EDP and TPP (Tax Procedures and Practices) in lieu of 2 other subjects. These courses are designed to offer specialized training in the mentioned field of study. There was a lot of motivation and great demand for this when I joined the college. There were many plans and programs scheduled for the students who would take up this challengning program. There was a lot of craze, passion, plan, thought, dreams, etc. The only sad point being that nothing actually happened. All was only in black and white. Coming back to the paper. It was quite good. An average performance was given by me. I could answer a good number of questions and I am expecting anything above 52.5 marks out of 80 marks in this exam

The imprisonment was to complete the Business Law exam. I need to firstly thank the great teacher, Prof M S Tandur, for his excellent effort in driving us all on the right paths. He is a great person who took us all on the right paths. He knew the ways to teach us and to usher success in our lives. He made serious efforts for our welfare. And I really bow to this great person on behalf of my entire batch. Its not just today, he has been a guiding light for us all from the past 3 years. He is the only teacher who has put the students into real action by employing the ways which can put us on the track of studies. The exam was also good. Everyone was with a smile on face. The entire college was happy for the exam and for sir too. Sir is going to retire this year alongwith our batch and perhaps, that has brought him more closer to us. My performance was a little shabby. I got confused between small points. And my expected score out of 80 shall be anything above 59

We were soon imprisoned to write the TPP exam. This was another big problem. The subject was very typical. Thankfully, our sir (Mr Pathan) had explained things very briefly and convincingly. And I did well. I am expecting anything above 60 out of 80 in this test
After these 3 exams, there were 4 more to go. And the next 2 were real devils

Soon it began, the Financial Management paper. I was not much prepared (as if I was prepared for the other exams). There was a lot of tension in my mind due to this exam. I had a lot of tussle in the name of this exam. I just wanted to get this hell out of my way. I was not at all bothered about writing it. All I was wanted was to complete this and give it an end. I felt a great sigh of relief when the 3 hours got over. My mind felt very relaxed. More than the mind, the heart was very happy because it had been badly hurt in the name of this subject. But when I heard that people had done very well in this exam, I was totally delighted. That was all I wanted so that I will not feel guilty. For me, marks are just numbers. Feelings and thoughts are the assets that I preserve all life. Even my performance was OK and I expect anything abouve 52 out of 80

Then, we had the big monster. This subject had been sucking the blood of each and every student in the college. Firstly, the syllabus was not set correctly. Imagine a BCom student learning programming languages like Java, SQL, Visual Basic, C++, etc... That too in deep details. Hmmm... Thats what Karnataka University has prescribed. Not just this, they even put a compulsory question on these chapters for 15 marks and almost everyone give up this question. So, almost all of us attempt this paper for 65 marks only. Inspite of the whole world complaining, there is no one to listen. Further, there was no proper teaching. And also, no proper labs or practicals. Sadly, the whole year was gone and the search for a computer teacher was still on. Let me just imagine how many computer teachers have come and gone from the college. That sir from Bijapur, that lab madam who appeared like a tamilian, Ashok Kamatgi sir, Noor madam, Bharati madam, the other madam who had joined with Bharati madam, Mahantesh Kotabagi sir, Anupama madam, Jyothi madam and so on. The hunt was, is and will be on. But amidst all this, no one is realising that the student is losing. Further, the kind of paper that is set for the exam, it appears as if we all are computer champions and specialized software engineers. For a BCom exam, can you imagine that 60 marks of the paper was from the chapter Java. I dont understand the intentions of these people. What do they want at least? Its like the whole city os tired and sucked with all traffic problems and accidents and pollution while the police is making unending efforts to catch us for helmets. I recently heard that Hubli is going to get video systems and webcameras installed on each road to catch people who do not wear a helmet. Hmmm... What the hell do these people need? Even a city like Bangalore does not have sufficient funds to install such systems to control heavy traffic. And these people, they are out of their minds. They have forgotten their duties. Terrorits are roaming coolly in Hubli for the police are nowhere bothered about them. All they are interested is in torturing the common man for a silly reason like wearing a helmet. Are these people public servants or are they terrorists? Well, the computer exam did not go well at all. All I expect is something above 37 out of 80

And after this exam, I had to immediately leave to Bangalore for the IFBI CET (Institute of Finance, Banking and Insurance- Common Entrance Test). IFBI is an oraganization run by NIIT (National Institute of Information Technology) which offers a PGD (Post Graduate Diploma) with specializations in various fields of BFI (Banking, Finance and Insurance). The course is of 6 months duration. There is a classroom orientation of 3 months. And then, a on job training of 3 months. A stipend shall be paid during On Job Training. Further, after successful completion of the course, candidates shall be placed in a bank for the job. All sounded good. Then came a little gloom. The course fee was a hefty Rs 66000. Thats truly a big amount. I just thought, let me give the exam and interview and then, only if I get selected, I can think of the remaining. So, I went on and gave the test. It was average. I completed it and went to buy some books. I bought my sister's texts and also some other books at Sapna Book House. It was a delightful experience at Sapna Book House. So many books and I suddenly got interested in seeing them. I kept moving around seeing the titles of each book. It took me 3 hours to just read the titles of the books of just a few racks. I felt good and happy for this. Soon, I was back to Hubli by Rani Chenamma Express. Though I did not get a sleeper berth, I had an RAC (Reservation against Cancellation) and got a seat to sit through the journey. I somehow managed to pull across and sleep

Today, we had the last but one exam- Statistics I. The exam was good. I had made a lot of study and effort in this subject at the beginning (I studied this subject for 2 days) and thus, the perforamce was good. I expect anything above 65 out of 80

And now, the last exam to go on Tuesday- Statistics II. And then, I shall be released from this jail. I eagerly await for this moment

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Whats waiting after June 10...

This one is a million dollar question for me as well as my friends and all my college mates and also every student who shall completing his final year graduation examinations. And as soon as the exam is over, this time, the scene is going to change. All these days, there used to be big parties and celebrations after the exams. But this time, we are definite to witness a totally different scenario. People shall be meeting each other for a last time in the college. And who knows, whether we will ever see their faces again in our lives. People will cry on this day for the pain of coming towards the end of this happy jolly kinda life

Further, unlike earlier when the celebrations would go on for weeks or months, things will take a complete turn here too. As soon as the exams get over, the students shall start facing real problems and start experiencing great difficulties. The biggest difficultly remains in the 2 simple words which has been the greatest question for centuries together for everyone- WHAT NEXT?
While a very few students have planned a future path, we will find that many of them are totally unaware of anything. There is also such a set of students who are yet to get up from the bed. They dont even know that they will be completing graduation and need to find new paths for life. An educational institution needs to instill the confidence, knowledge and all character that a man needs to lead a successful life. However, modern educational institutions are more a money spinning machine rather than a man making institution

A lot of confusions remain in my mind too. Even after being amongst the top scorers of my college, my future appears a little shaky as of now. There is nothing in my college that I have not achieved. Take anything and I am there in the top. Yet, my careers seems directionless. I am not getting what path to take and what has to be done. Due to personal reasons, I am not in a position to go for an MBA. Further, my sister is about to join engineering and the expenses are bound to rise heavily. And in such a situation, me also becoming a NPA (Non Performing Asset) is definitely not advisible. I still have plans for an MBA or PGDM through distance learning or correpondence or open university. But again, there are a lot of hassles here too. Such an MBA needs a minimum of 3 years of work experience or a Post Graduation qualification. I possess neither of these and thus, ineligible to this too. There are options like NIBM and Symbiosis. However, these PGDMs are not recognized by UGC. There is another MBF course (Master of Banking and Finance) offered by IGNOU. However, for this, we need to firstly clear the JAIIB and CAIIB examinations of the IIBF (Indian Institute of Banking and Finance). And to write the JAIIB/CAIIB exam, we need to firstly become the member of IIBF. And to become a member of IIBF, we must be an employee in a bank or financial institution which is in turn a member of IIBF. Hmmm... lot of complications. I found out that LIC is a member. However, I am not an employee of LIC. I am an agent only. Thus, as far as my knowledge goes, I am ineligible for this too. Yet, I have kept this option open and trying out if this can be done

I can easily get a job in Hubli where the pay is from Rs 6000 to Rs 10000 a month. In Bangalore, I could get Rs 8000 to Rs 15000. I have applied for the various posts at the ICICI Bank and I am awaiting some response from them. Alongwith a job, I need to seriously work on my LIC business and generate some good income. Only then, things will move fine. With all this, I also need to study a PG through correspondence

I also have a plan to go ahead with CS (Company Secretary). And also have thought of starting up an own work like a stock broking house or a tutorial classes. With ideas clashing in mind and no direction taking a serious shape, things remain in a state confusion

Just waiting for these confusions to end soon in my life and also the life of everyone

But, honestly speaking, the confusion time has begun just now...

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Whatever happens... Happens for the good...

Well, this is an old saying and I am a very firm believer in it. Let anything happen in life, I just say that, whatever has happened has happened for something good. I have numerous proofs for this. In my life at least, all bad things have only resulted in good results. But then, you need to be honest, sincere, truthful even during these bad times. You should not catch a wrong path in times of difficulty. And soon, you will see that your questions get an answer

On the day of farewell, I had a tussle with one of my friend, Amit Hooli. I scolded him and felt very bad for that. I never do it. Yesterday, I had called him and just spoke for sometime and set things right. And as we know, people get closer when they fight. It creates a small attachment. Today, I was in need of some urgent help. Earlier, whenever I approached him, he used to refuse. But today, he agreed and helped me. So, whatever tussle happened has resulted into a favor to me today

Further, in the morning, I was supposed to meet Anand Katti who had asked me to come in regards to LIC works. I did not have his cell number. In the process of discovering his number, I found many numbers. In that, one was of Avinash Giraddi. Well, the LIC work did not get done and I was sadly back. But then, I was in need of some help. And only Avinash could do it. Had all this not happened, I would not have had his number. I immediately rung him up and my work was done

And yeah, not to forget, yesterday, I got a favor from Jerry Thomas sir also. God has planned everything in a perfect way. He knows how to handle things. All he sees is whether we are really worth being helped. If we are honestly making an effort, he will definitely help. People become destined to help us. I have been receiving a lot of support in my life from many people and I very grateful to all of them. And I thank God for having been so kind to me. As it is said, God helps those who help themselves. And I have always been doing the best I can

Tomorrow, another hurdle waits me at ICICI Bank. I need to cross over this and only then, the problems will get the real solution. I am sure, God will help me in this too

Even if not, it just means, there is something else that God is planning for our good only

All I will say is, 'Whatever happens, happens for the good'

And yeah, today, the All India Management Aptitude Test was held. I did not write it as I am not going for an MBA campus program. I have decided to do it by distance learning only

Friday, 11 April 2008

JGCC Jagadguru Gangadhar College of Commerce College Annual Day Celebrations...

The academic year has almost come to end and this is one of the most significant years for me and for all my batchmates. We all are soon going to be graduates with a bachelors degree in commerce. For some, its a great achievement while for some, its just a part of the journey of life. For me, its just another feather added on to my cap. I had a lot of role to play on this day. And I believe, I have justified everything to the best extent possible. There were a lot of confusions and problems before things began. But then, all was under control. Irrespective of whatever happens, life doesnt stop. We need to keep moving in this race and keep pace with time. I was given the role of compeering the entire function. Further, all were delighted as a lot of them received many prizes too. Things were fine and smooth. And all had a happy jolly ending. Tomorrow, we have our cultural and traditional day celebrations. After that, may be, it will be an adieu to the college and soon, everyone shall get on with a tougher life. I just wish that the God give everyone his support and blessings so that all get successful in their endeavors

Monday, 7 April 2008

NSS Valedictory Function...

This might be one amongst the last function of my academic life

Things had to be prepared in a real rush and quick manner as the time available was too less. Further, the college staff did not have enough confidence on the NSS Unit as we were not much active through the year. Almost everyone told us to just conduct the fucntion as a formality in a classroom and finish it off. But then, my vision was different. I had it in my mind to make it big and take everyone by a big surprise as I did for the Teachers' Day. I made a clear mention that the NSS Valedictory Function will be celebrated grandly in the college auditorium only and not for formality and not in any classroom

We all got together and the work began. All the work distribution was done. This time, we decided to give mementos to the volunteers and these were sponsored by Gangaram Bhille Sweet Mart, Hubli. There were some more trophies that we took from the college. And we also got the certificates printed as the stock was unavailable in the college. And when we asked, we were looked down and ignored. Yet, I did not have any complaint as this has been going on from years and was common. So, we arranged ourselves for each and everything including the bouquets to be given to the guests

It was decided to call Sri C H Patil, the District Nodal Officer of NSS, KUD (Karnataka University, Dharwad) on April 02nd 2008 for the function. Almost everything was set and I was confident of a big blast on the day. Yet, even on the final day, the staff did not show any confidence in us and felt as if its going to be a flop. But then, we just did not bother. We even prepared a dance programme and other entertainment activities

Finally, it was 3 pm and the guest had come. And a big surprise, the auditorium was almost full and the teachers were taken aback. There was some difficulty that we were facing from 2 pm to 3 pm in maintaining the crowd. So, I played the movie 'Golmaal' and everything was in control. The fucntion began and went on a very sexy and orderly fashion. From invocation song to welcome to speech to chief guest introduction to NSS report to narration of experience, all was a delight to watch and listen

The chief guest was called to speak and he was very happy by all that had happened. He was all praises for us. Our NSS officer was the most delighted person at this moment as he was very afraid of whats going to happen. The principal also remarked the excellence. Prizes and mementos were given away. And the cultural programmes began. We presented a drama of a teacher and his students. It was a super hit and everyone enjoyed a lot. We also presented a dance of various songs remixed together and that too was a real surprise. In total, the day went on in a very superb fashion. All were delighted. The day came to an end with the vote of thanks proposed by me and the national anthem followed by refreshments

Our NSS officer was totally speechless. He actually considered the views of staff members and felt like it will be a flop and he will be in a difficult position. But then, today, he was in heaven as everyone praised him and it was a delight to see him satisfied by our work

And yes, not to forget Bondya (Bindu). His laptop was very helpful for the function. We learnt to dance seeing the videos. And further, during the function, the college computer that we were using to play songs and all was not working fine and all were struck. And luckily, I had this in my hand and set back everything right

At the end of the day, we all went to the canteen and enjoyed seeing the photos and videos of the function alongwith food for the hungry stomachs. A great day which I am definitely going to rejoice for a long time from now...

Friday, 21 March 2008

A picnic to Sanjivini Eco-Education Park...

I was just speaking with my friends in the college. I just hinted that we could go for a picnic to some place on Friday (14th Mar 08) as it was a holiday. It suddenly turned a serious issue and the plan was laid out. All girls gathered, and immediately, planned for the same and it was made final to move on. We were supposed to gather early morning in the college and move from there to the Sanjivini Park which is a beautiful and serene place between Hubli-Dharwad. Its one natural place that has a lot of greenery. I had heard about the place and I wished to go over there. And today, it would turned into a reality

In the morning, we were supposed to meet in the college at 10. However, the Rain God had some different plans for us. We met in college at 11. After waiting for the entire team to come, we left by a bus to the Sanjivini Park and reached there by 12. We completed the ticket purchase formalities, etc and got into the park. It was a beautiful place and was a visitor's delight. We found one more friend (Mallik) with one more new person at the spot. They were definitely shocked at the moment they us. But then, slowly, things eased. The first one was the maze garden. It was quite beautiful and built like a chakravyuha. Then, there was a rock bunch laid down. After that, it was the most attractive part of the park, the giant water fall. Though the fall was not really giant, it was giant considering this as a children park. It was nice. We then prayed the Vanadevata (Forest God). And then, the fun began. We entered the children's park and played variety of games from swings to slopes to barrels, etc. It was great fun slipping from the slopes. It did that at least 8-10 times. We had a stunts session too and took some great photographs (look at the end). Soon, we started playing some games. A person was blindfolded and was supposed to catch others. It was a great time that we all were having. Even I was caught and blindfolded. With my heavy swings and shots, people considered staying away

After all this fun, we sat down tired. Soon, we had some refreshments and started our lunch too. The girls had bought the food from home. It was too good and stomachs were soon overloaded. Almost everyone was sleepy. I at least lied down for some time. After that, we started playing Antakshari. What a lovely moment this too was...

It was about 4 pm and we started to pack up and start moving as the park was scheduled to close at 5 pm. And we were supposed to see some more places. There was one beautiful tree on which the face of a human was carved. And the next place was the cactus garden. There some very good plants in this garden that would be excellent show plants in anyone's home. There was also a flower garden which too was a beautiful sight. Finally, we landed at the flush green grass park which was the last spot before exit. We sat down for some time here and relaxed. And soon, we bid adieu to this beautiful place where we breathed fresh and sweet breeze to get back to our polluted world. How fine life would be, if there was no such pollution and all. And these days, more than any pollution, what is affected the human life to the maximum is the mind pollution. This has made life very difficult and unhappy. Happiness lies in the satisfaction of the heart and soul and that is achieved by such serene things that are pure and these idirectly touch the heart and add to its sanctity

These were some very beautiful moments spent with everyone. I am definitely in search of more such moments as the college days are getting over too soon and once we get into the professional world, things will not be the same. These are some final days that need to be spent with lot of love, care, happiness and social involvement. A lot of relationships get built and get stronger in these few days. We need to keep the point in mind that the earth is a family and we all are members. And we need to get closer to all these members. Thats real success and shall give real happiness. Simultaneously, we also need to concentrate on our career front also to make our life's journey path a strong, stable and beautiful one

I am thankful to all the people (Vikram NA, Sachin, Vikam Mal, Nitin, Priyanka, Shilpa, Aruna, Priya and of course, Mallik and Gowri) who made this day a delightful one. And also thankful to the people who built and are maintaining this beautiful park between the twin cities...

Saturday, 1 December 2007

1st post after renovation...

After all the renovation work of my blog, things have become better. From the earlier dim green to sexy black, the tranformation is a symbol of active movement not just on the blog, but in my life too. They say, Black n White are the best color combinations and today, its been proved too. I am very glad and happy to see this change. My blog has not attracted much traffic till now. I need to promote my blog now to ensure that I get good number of visits each day. I'll start this work as soon as possible

Coming back to life. A few more exams to go. Hmmm... I am writing about my exams right from the day I started this blog and even till now, the exams have not ended. Nor will they end anytime in the near future. Things are really tough as I always mentioned

And hey, Happy New Month everyone...

This is the last month of the year 2007. Another 31 days from now, we will step into 2008. I need to concentrate on a lot of things this month

LIC sales have to improve now as I have been inactive from August 2007. Its the sole source of income for me. And the situation has become worse financially as I have not done any business from over 4 months. So, its time to break out of this passive life and make some activity

I need to prepare for NCFM and I am with plans to start a brokerage business too. The business plan is being prepared to cover the entire financial spree. I will come out with the project report and complete details once I am planned

For the moment, I am still into the business of exams

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Update after a long time... 7 Oct 2007, 9 pm

After a weeklong or more of laziness, today, I am again back to the blog. All these days, I dont know what was preventing me from blogging. I used to think of it each day but then I was unable to do it. I have been spending a lot of time on the PC for the purpose of completing the task preparing the CDs of Teachers' Day. Each image has to be edited to make it fine. Its definitely taking a lot of time and energy. All this effort is going towards something which is not benefiting me. But, I am helpless. I have taken up the responsibility and its my duty to keep up my words. However, due to the reponse that I got from certain teachers a couple of days back, I have been hurted a lot. As I have mentioned in my earlier posts, we were falling short in the Teachers' Day celebration budget by more than Rs 2500. So, I made an idea to sell the Teachers' Day photos and videos and get some money. I sold each CD with 8 videos and over 500 photos. Some teachers did not have a compatible VCD player that could read the photos. It was not my mistake that they did not have it. And these people started telling me that it was a waste paying Rs 50 for the CD and there is nothing in it. Well, I could take every blaming but not that of money matter. And why should I, when the CD has everything in it. So, when people took up the money matter, I lost it all. If thats how they speak, what all could I tell? If they have wasted 50 rupees, we have wasted in tens of thousands. But if I do this, there will be no difference between me and them. So, I have decided to return their money back and also give them another fresh CD with all the pictures of not just Teachers' Day but also other functions including the Youth Festival too. At least then, these silly/small/petty minded people will understand. Its really a shame that people, who are so grown up, and for whom we have done so much, speak such things for merely a small amount of money. If I had known this, I would have never ever thought of making so much effort for the T-Day. All that was in my memory like gold has been destroyed by this one statement made by these. I really... pity them

Its taking a lot of time and work to keep going in this path. Anyways, hardwork is the key to success. Lets see how far I will succeed

Life is getting busier with each passing day. However, I am not very happy as this business is not getting anything good to me. Almost the whole of my day goes in this social work and its getting everything out. Hope to complete all this stuff soon and get back to real needs of life

Thursday, 27 September 2007

JGCC rocks at Youth Festival... Fantastic Celebrations follow...

Life has been a real busy stuff in the past 3 days. I regret for the inability to blog these days. Well, I am not in a situation to put out the 3 days in details. However, I am making an effort to include as much information as possible in brief. We had been busy with the YouthFest activities. The Karnataka University Unifest 2007- Phase I was hosted by our college. It was a great event. It was conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 25th and 26th days of the month of September 2007. Over 25 colleges participated in this. I had a big role to play. I knew my responsibilities well and so, I was able to concentrate and dedicate my efforts

On Monday, I spent the whole in preparations for the skit. The skit is titled as 'Desh-Mata'. I ran around the whole to arrange for the costumes, stage decoration, etc. Unfortunately, we were not able to rehearse the skit due to the unavailability of 2 participants who were busy preparing for the Folk Dance. There were over 20 competitions and all were busy in their own world. I ran around and made things fine and bought/hired the required materials

On Tuesday, it all began. I had 2 competitions on this day. Firstly, the skit. It was marvellous. All college was booming. The audience gave a standing ovation for our skit. The theme of the skit was its biggest strength. Before I describe the skit, let me announce that the skit is our thought, our opinion, our feeling and our effort to spread a good message in the hearts of people. It has got nothing to do with others. All characters are fictional. No comments for alteration, deletions, etc will be entertained. Further, if you copy or take reference of this skit anywhere, you are doing it at your own risk

It so happens that an army officer dies in war leaving behind his wife who is pregnant. The child grows under terrible conditions. He develops hatred for the army right from his birth. Further, the terrorists will be on a plan to attack the nation for which they need some Indians who can work for them. One of the militants approaches him and initiates him to join the terrorist groups. He refuses. However, he is induced by the money and agrees to go. The next morning, he starts packing to make a move. However, he is interrupted by his mother. Here begins the climax. Every moment in this scene is very well structured and even a second delay can have a very bad effect on the theme

Note: The skit is performed in Hindi. However, I have written the dialogues in English for easy understanding. The dialogues in Hindi are more appropriate and effective too

Mother: Where are you going in the early morning

Son: (confused) (And then gets an idea) I got a job

Mother: (very happy) What a great news! I'll prepare some sweet for you

Son: (resisting) Oh, I am getting late. I must move

Mother: I'll get it in a moment

On the way, she finds a bag with lots of money and a gun too

Mother: (astonished) What is this?

Son: Nothing, this is my advance for the job

Mother: Tell me the truth

Son: I am going to join terrorist groups and fight Jehad. I am a muslim and I will fight Jehad

Mother: A muslim is not the one who, in the name of Jehad, spread terrorism and kill people. Musalman means Musallam-e-Emaan. The one who is honest is a muslim. If you want to fight, fight for the nation, not against it

At this moment, the war scene begins in the background. On one side, there are 2 soldiers and on the other side, there are 2 militants

Son: What will I get if I fight for the nation. My father fought for the nation and died. You got the title of a widow and I lost the love of father. Tell me, why should I fight for the nation which has given nothing to me

Mother: Dont ask, what the nation has given you. Ask, what you have given to the nation

At this point, one among the militants collapses

Son: You are gone mad. I dont want to waste my life living with you. I want to get money and enjoy life

Mother tries to stop but the son pushes her out of his way, in anger. At this moment, one of the soldiers dies. The son starts packing. The mother comes back with her hands locked back

Mother: Listen son, we are from a family where we have loved the nation more than our lives. (At this point, another militant falls but, he is not yet dead, and only one soldier is left in the background. He takes the national flag and starts moving in the background). Your father has laid down his life in service of 'Mother India'. And you are his son. So, you have to follow his footsteps

The son starts laughing. An uncontrollable laughter is seen on his face blended with anger, frustration and ill thoughts

Mother: Please understand what I am telling you. What will you get by killing thousands of innocent people by becoming a terrorist

The son shouts and stands up with his bag. When he stands up, the half-dead militant shoots the soldier. This signifies that the rise of terrorism makes the flag go down

Son: I will become a terrorist and destroy the entire nation

At this point, the soldier is falling down

But then, the mother unfolds her locked hands which held a knife within and stabs the son to death. Simultaneously, the soldier throws a bomb towards the militant and ensures that the militant is dead. When the soldier is dying, the son is also dying. The soldier doesn't find a strong base to hold the flag and so, he puts the bottom of the flag into his belly ensuring that it stands stiff, salutes it and lays down his life for the victory of the nation

The mother weeps in the name of Allah for having tested her to such an extent

But finally, she says-"What if I killed my son, he was a cheat. I have saved thousands of innocent sons of thousands of innocent people. More than this, I am happy, as my nation is safe"

And then, the concluding song begins. All the 6 participants (Mother played by Priyanka, Son played by me, 2 terrorists played by Sikandar and Vikram Singh, 2 soldiers played by Deepak Hosamani and Mahesh Kalyanshettar) get together on the stage with the Indian flag in the hands of the mother-Desh Mata and dance together asking for peace, unity and brotherhood

Bharat humko jaan se pyaara hai
Sabse pyaara gulsitaan hamara hai
Sadiyoan se Bharat bhoomi duniya ki shaan hai
Bharat maa ki raksha mein jeevan kurbaan hai

All comes to an end. But then, that standing ovation with tears in the eyes of the audience was more worthy to watch for me and I felt, it was a new beginning and we were successful in giving the message. It was a splendid play and we seriously deserved it

The next event in which I had participate was the collage where I had to put together some paper and magazine cuttings that would emphasize on the given theme. The theme given was,-"India Today" and I prepared a nice one. I made a lot of effort. I bordered the sheet with the logos of the Indian companies and also, multinationals to signify the changing corporate world. I included all necessary information, important people, sports, some humor, etc and finally, after a 2 hour effort, I could feel some happiness in my heart

On Wednesday, which was going to be a big day for everyone, I moved to the college early and started planning for the activities. I had to participate in 2 activities. Firstly, the Once-Act play and next, the English Elocution. All the preparations went well and its really hard for me to describe the whole day. So, I am putting up some photos for the day which will show all the activities. It was all a fantastic day. We performed the one-act play. It went good. And then, I did the elocution also. It was OK too. Further, I was told that no one from our college is participating in a competition called as 'Installation'. I just inquired what it was. It was an activity to make the 'Best out of Waste'. We have to use all waste materials and prepare something good out of it. I ignored it. But then, I started getting a feeling that, if I just participate, I might get some prize and that would be helpful to the college team. Anyhow, I had to wait up to 7 pm for the prize distribution ceremony and it was 4.30 pm then. So, instead of wasting time, I collected some waste materials and went to participate. I joined things and constructed a home. It was good to look at. But then, almost all other participants used new materials like new ice cream sticks, CDs, bottles, etc to create some fashionable items. And then, the judges came to see our displays. They scolded all the people who made use of new materials telling that, it was violation of rules and thats not called installation. When they came near mine, I could see some glitter on their face and the said,-"Well done!". I just felt happy for my work was liked and appreciated. It was more than enough for me that, without any knowledge or preparation, I could do something

We kept enjoying in the auditorium and the function began around 8 pm. The prizes were distributed and it was a delight for me

Our one-act play stood third

Our skit (Desh-Mata) won the first place. Of course! It had to

And me, a package of surprise

1st in Collage. I was expecting this

1st in Installation. My God! This was just a pearl coming free with gold. I couldn't believe at the first instant. But then, the people around me made me realise it

However, I was really sad for I could not perform better enough to win in the elocution

And then, the big news came. "Jagadguru Gangadhar College of Commerce have won the YouthFest 2007". It was such a heart throbbing moment. My goodness, all the effort of over 10 days had reaped fruits today. I almost cried. It was the time to celebrate. Not just the participants and students, but even the teachers joined the party. It was a big honour for them too

After all this, me, as usual, Seva Paramodharmaha, I arranged everything and made things neat and tidy and packed the costumes that we had hired. At around 10.30 pm, I went and handed over them to the owner and reached home by 11 pm

And today, I just got up and saved copies of photos and videos. We had planned a lunch today. It was a nice time spent along with everyone. And then, I came home and started completing my uncompleted works. And after completing everything, this is the final work which stands completed too